Streaming Media Players: Friend or Foe?

As the popularity of streaming content grows, so does the choices of streaming media players.  For as little as $35 USD [Google Chromecast] or as much as $99 USD [Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire], consumers can wean themselves off of high cable and satellite bills by paying for only what they need or want.  Amazon Fire TV offers exclusive features including “no line of site required remote operation”, “voice search”, “ Dolby surround sound” and over 100 built-in games.

The newest streaming media player on the market is Amazon’s Fire TV.  The Fire TV provides a quad core processor with 2 gigabyte of on-board memory.  Amazon Fire TV seamlessly integrates with Kindle Fire tablets to allow mirroring.  Amazon Prime Members are “able to enjoy unlimited, commercial-free streaming of tens of thousands of popular movies and TV shows as well as original productions.”

The more Americans who chose to make the switch from traditional programming delivery to streaming media, the more marketers are challenged to find engaging ways to get their message across.

A few avenues come to mind including product placement or targeted ads.  Consider the streaming of NFL games as one opportunity.  Marketers can pay to have overlays [digital] placed on the scoreboard or around the goal posts or along the sidelines.  These advertisements would only be viewable to those watching digitally.  This practice is already in place on broadcast television marketing techniques.  The main difference would be the costs to advertise during highly coveted and highly priced broadcast slots during NFL games.

Should marketers push to advertise during streaming media programming or would that alienate current and potential customers?  Would you be willing to watch short videos, such as those on YouTube, in order to watch free streamed content?


About Kimberly Coleman

I am a graduate student at WVU in Integrated Marketing Communications. I reside in Western North Carolina and enjoy all the beautiful nature this area has to offer.
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