A Great Example of Storytelling

I am a sports fan.  My favorite sport is ice hockey; however, I have many fond memories of Major League Baseball from my youth.  The excitement I had knowing I was able to travel to watch both the Pittsburgh Pirates and Cleveland Indians play.  My youth was spent in Northeastern Ohio and I remember the excitement when Jacob’s field opened in Cleveland.  An an adult, that sense of wonder return as I drove by the new PNC Park in Pittsburgh.  But my love of baseball has waned over the years.

I live in Western North Carolina now and perhaps location is a factor; however, I do not see many individuals sporting baseball jerseys or t-shirts or caps.  I see a lot more NFL and to a lesser extent, NHL apparel.  What happened to baseball?

I had not realized, until I read Gordon Plutsky’s [from King Fish Media] blog today, that it has been years since I attended a game in person and about as long that I actually watched one on television.  As marketers, we are aware that digital storytelling is key to engagement, brand awareness and audience engagement.

For those in Sports Marketing or interested in Digital Storytelling, please take time to read Gordon’s Blog at:  http://www.mediapost.com/publications/article/224635/why-baseball-needs-storytelling-for-long-term-succ.html#reply.

How long has it been since you have watched baseball?  Do you know the story behind the stats?  Did you pick your team based on your location, family patterns or something else?


About Kimberly Coleman

I am a graduate student at WVU in Integrated Marketing Communications. I reside in Western North Carolina and enjoy all the beautiful nature this area has to offer.
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