The mountains of Western North Carolina provide of an abundance of natural beauty and outdoor activities.  The quaint towns and villages a shoppers paradise. For the foodie, there are amazing restaurants and culinary classes to provide memories that you can recreate at home.  For the adventurer the area offers many national forests and parks, farm tourism, and WNC Aviation provides one-hour flight experiences.  There is something for everyone and that makes this the best place to live!

I call Asheville, North Carolina home.  I believe, like so many of my fellow residents, in support local small businesses and local farms.  I graduated East Carolina University with a Bachelors of Science in Communications with a concentration in Public Relations.  I am currently attending West Virginia University for a Masters of Science in Integrated Marketing and Communications.  This blog is part of my IMC619 Emerging Media class. Visit my website at: http://kimb1124.wix.com/kimberlycoleman to learn more about me and the Asheville area.

Outside of academia, I have been a technology and process project manager, business control specialist and prior to that a web-based application developer.

What gives my life the most meaning is giving back to those who cannot speak for themselves. I am an active volunteer who volunteers with Siamese Rescue of VA, Full Moon Farm Wolf dog Sanctuary and the Western North Carolina Nature Center.

In my leisure time, I enjoy nature photography, cooking and baking, and spending time with my two cats, an Oriental Shorthair and a Snowshoe-Siamese that were both from rescue.

Thanks for stopping by.  I hope you enjoy the topics I have selected to share with you over the semester.  Please feel free to comment or subscribe!  And I hope that you find ways to be a tourist in your own town.  There are amazing experiences just outside your front door!


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