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I am a graduate student at WVU in Integrated Marketing Communications. I reside in Western North Carolina and enjoy all the beautiful nature this area has to offer.

Marketing Ethics: The fine line between marketing research and consumer privacy

Marketers are not bad people but are often about as welcome as the door-to-door salesperson of old.  As marketers we must strive to earn the trust of our publics.  This challenges us to be impeccable in our interactions, commit to … Continue reading

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A Great Example of Storytelling

I am a sports fan.  My favorite sport is ice hockey; however, I have many fond memories of Major League Baseball from my youth.  The excitement I had knowing I was able to travel to watch both the Pittsburgh Pirates … Continue reading

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Emerging Media and the Environment

Can emerging media impact consumer behavioral change toward the environment?  I am not referring to reducing the number of trees used to make paper for books and magazines.  I am speaking about real change.  Emerging media has resulted in consumer’s … Continue reading

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Have Smartphone Will Travel

Travelers are a social bunch.  It is part of a traveler’s nature to seek out experiences and then share them.  It is almost as if social media was created with the traveler in mind.  Despite economic challenges across the globe, … Continue reading

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Streaming Media Players: Friend or Foe?

As the popularity of streaming content grows, so does the choices of streaming media players.  For as little as $35 USD [Google Chromecast] or as much as $99 USD [Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire], consumers can wean themselves off of … Continue reading

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Would You Put Aside Your Smartphone to Provide Clean Water to a Thirsty Child?

UNICEF hopes you will. Walk into a restaurant, shopping center or even a park and what do you see?  People using their smartphones to check weather, post on Facebook, send a text, answer a call, snap a photo or record … Continue reading

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In App Advertising: A Boon or Bust for Marketers?

Mobile is often a “brand’s first point of contact with the consumer.”  As such, mobile has tremendous power and it doesn’t seem to be slowing anytime soon.  Modern mobile devices [including tablets and some e-readers] have video capability through mobile apps … Continue reading

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